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How to use the ticket system

Watch the film and learn how to use the ticket system
We strongly advise you to create an account as the first thing as you will always have access to all your tickets.
There are some small design changes since the film was made but still the film will guide you well through the process


Check our FAQ before adding questions.


Webiste or Mail not working

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If you are watching the youtube insctructions you have two options

First check that you are actually watching the video in HD
It should be 720p or 1080p (sometimes only 720p is available)



If your connection is to slow to watch HD videos you can download it using Firefox, but you have to install a plugin. In the video below you can se how to do

This info is for user on the old e-advice mail server only (iMail)

We have introduced Zimbra mail server - new modern up to date system.

Not all domains are transferred to Zimbra yet.

If you have your mailbox on old iMail server, use only this server setting in your mail client program (both for in- and outgoing server):

(previously you could also use: - not any more)

More info and instructions on iMail webmail page:

If you have forgot any of your password for Joomla , FTP or Mail Please raise a ticket in the category "forgot password"

You can create the ticket on link below

Kind Regards


If you have got zimbra mail, you can get access to your mail by typing your domain name followed by /mail


For this to work we need to upload a folder using FTP to the root of your website

Downloade the attached zip file, unzip it and upload it to the root of your website.

Then it will work
This files are for Zimbra Mail customers only

E-advice has got a new ticket system. Read on the link below to se how to use it

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