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Joomla Manual - Basic

  • Video 1: How to use this manual / Deal with Poor quality Youtube videos

    Wednesday, 16 July 2014   morten

    Most of the instructions here are youtube films. This is the easiest way to show how to use your Joomla website. However if you have a slow connection, sometimes films can be hard to see online due to local banwith. There are ways to get around this.
    First of all all videos are uploaded in High Definition. That means the quality is very good. if you do not see it very good, its because of your connection quality and Youtube will lower the resolution to make sure you can see it. This can comprimize the quality.

    You can do 2 things:

    1. Force Hight Definition on your youtube and see if your connection is good enough
    2. Using the Firefox Browser you can install addons to download youtube vidoes to se offline

    You can find more information about this in our Knowledge Base Article here

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  • Video 2: Presentation of your Humana Template Frontpage

    Wednesday, 16 July 2014   morten

    This video will go through the frontpage of your humana template to understand how it is build


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  • Video 3: How to edit text using Front End Login

    Wednesday, 16 July 2014   morten

    Frontend login is the easiest way to edit text that is already on your website. You can edit all text in articles, titles in articles and some module settings/titles. You can not edit text in menus. For that you have to login to back end

    This video will show you how you use the frontend login and how to edit text. This tutorial does not include how to edit/change pictures


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  • Video 4: Droppics Basics: Upload Pictures to your Joomla Website

    Wednesday, 16 July 2014   morten

    Picture management has always been an issue as some are vertical and some are horizontal, some are big in size and some are small.

    All this makes it a little challanging to use images in articles. We are using a component called Droppics that will take care of most of this issues for you.
    It will rename and make the images smaller. It will also resize and create thumbnails to use in articles. As it create thumbnails based on the 4:3 ratio, its important that you ONLY use Horizontal Pictures,  NOT Vertical Pictures, as it will not look good when resized into 4:3 ratio




    Here are some guidelines for good pictures

    1. Get close-up pictures so the activity and faces are clear in the picture
    2. Only Horizontal Pictures. Vertical Pictures has to be cropped into 4:3(800x600) before uploading if you want to use it
    3. Digital Cameras are all different and uses different format. If you have a setting please set it to 4:3 so all pictures you take are identical. Some might be 16:9 ratio. Using this means it will resize it into 4:3 when uploaded so it might not look at its best
    4. Try to use real camera for your main pictures as mobile phone can not compete with a real camera. Mobile phones are OK to use for news and videos,but not for banners and main articles
    5. Always take more than one picture of your motive. Take close up, from different angles and distance and choose the best one
    6. When you name your picture do not use spaces. Example: bindura childaid.jpg is not good. Should be bindura-childaid.jpg
    7. Do not use non-english letters like å,æ,à,ê etc.. as some prowsers in some languages might not show the pictures correct


    Thats it

    Now you can watch the film how you upload and organize your pictures in folders and galleries on your Joomla Website


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  • Video 5: Dropfiles Basics: Upload publications (PDF Files) to your website

    Monday, 03 August 2015   morten

    On the website you have a menu point called "Publications"

    Its very easy to upload files here using dropfiles from the back end of Joomla

    This instruction is howto maintain this section on your website.
    If you want to add PDF files to an article its a little different but you still use dropfiles for this, but the instuction will be sligltly different

    Below you find the link on howto use dropfiles to add PDF files to the publication section


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  • Video 6: Add News to your website with Front End Login

    Wednesday, 16 July 2014   morten

    The easiest way to add news is to use the front end login. From here you can add title, text and insert images from the Droppics component that we learned about in Video 4.If you have not seen video 4, you should do that first

    If not you can now see the video on how to add news to your website using front end login


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  • Video 7: Joomla Backend - Understand Article Manager

    Wednesday, 16 July 2014   morten

    As you know from one of the previous video's, you can add "News" articles from the frontend logon.

    If you want to more advanced management of articles you have to login to your backend of Joomla
    You get there by adding /administrator to the url

    Here you can create categories and new articles to any part of Joomla, not only the "news"
    When you create articles in Joomla, all articles in "news from the projects" and "projects" will show automatically on the frontpage as soon as you hit the Save button.

    All other articles you have to save, then later create a Menu entery and link that to the article for it to show.

    In this video we are only going through Article Manager,how to use it and also how to add articles and categories from Joomla Backend.
    Creating an article and link it to a menu, we will go through in Video 7

    For now, get a better understanding of the article manager by watching the video below:


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  • Video 8: Add article, menu and map location for "where we work"

    Wednesday, 16 July 2014   morten

    In this video I will go through how to add content to "Where we work"

    Do add content to this page there are 3 steps:

    1. First you have to create an article at the back end
    2. Then you have to create a menu item and link the menu item to this new article
    3. Last step is to add a MAP location for the new project

    The video will bring you through all the 3 steps

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  • Video 9: How to work with Multi Language Sites

    Sunday, 19 October 2014   morten

    Some of the Humana Websites are setup for Multilanguage. This means the visitor can deside what language to view the website in.

    The translation has to be done manually so its a lot of work in the start but when you are up to date its easy to keep it.

    We use a component called FaLang to translate.

    The Components can translate Menus, Modules and Articles

    In this video on 20minutes, you will learn how to use this component. It needs a little practice.
    You can not do anything wrong as if you make an error in the translation, you can just delete it and try again.

    At no point within this component will you touch the original language so you cant mess it up.

    Here you can watch the 20min long video. You might want to download it to see if offline if your speed is slow so you can see it in H/D. Good Luck



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  • Video 10: General video - Resize your pictures if needed

    Tuesday, 21 October 2014   morten

    In video 4 we talked about uploading the pictures to your website using Droppics.

    I mentioned in that video that if the files where to big you might get timeout when uploading and you will have to resize the picture BEFORE you upload it to droppics

    If you have a digital camera that says "8 Megapixel", the size will be to big for a website. If you take the picture straight from your camera to your PC it might fill as much as 3MB to 8MB pr picture.

    When a picture is shown on the website, it should not be more than 0,3MB (300kb) so as you see, it has to be reduzed in size before you actually can use it on the website.

    Luckely "Droppics" does this resizing for you. If you try to upload a picture that is 4MB (2300x3200px), droppics will resize the image into a small image (300x200) and a standard image (800x600). This will keep the pictures smaller than 0,3MB


    However there are situations where you do need to resize the picture BEFORE you upload.
    If the pictures are really big or your connection are very slow, it can take long time to upload big pictures and sometime you do get timeouts.

    Below you can see a video showing you how to resize a single picture using Photoshop or MSPaint. All windows Vista or newer has MSPaint installed so you can use that if you do not have access to Photoshop


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