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We are now hosting more than 80 Joomla websites!

2 years ago, e-advice took the initiative to start a new website movement. We call it the Joomla Website Movement. The aim was to get all schools and projects, who at that time hosted their website at e-advice, upgraded to a new modern website with a nice feel and look.
We have come very far!
We now host over 80 Joomla sites worldwide and we invite more to join us.
As we are getting better and better in what we do, we also see more and more advantages in all using Joomla as their website platform.
The real advantages of taking part in the Joomla Movement is not purely to have a website. It is also getting support and gain knowhow within internet marketing and how we get visible on Google.

Here are some of the main areas we focus on:

  1. Using visitor statistics to improve your website.
    e-advice has very detailed statistics on all websites. All webmasters can logon and compare their own website performance with other websites within the same project, school type or business.The tool used, is called Google Analytics and is key in understanding how your website is performing online. You can extract information about all the visitors, what they look at, how long time they stay, which articles are not being read, how the visitors have found your website and much more.
    We learn what works and what does not. Our users can use this information directly and make plans for further development of their website. We can see some schools have nearly 7000 visitors a month, others 1000 a month. Why the difference? What are they doing right/wrong? What do we do about it? Its all there, black on white.

  2. How can we improve our ranking on Google?
    When we write articles to our website, we want it to be seen. Not only for people who know our website but also people searching for information within what we write about. We want our articles to appear on Google. It’s called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We are getting better and better in this and as a member of the Joomla Movement you can benefit from this knowledge and get help to become move visible online.

  3. Joomla Support.
    We can help you to maintain your website and continue developing it. If you have the Joomla support hosting plan, you already have free support on all current functions on your website, so use it!
    If you need further development of the website, we can help you do this for a small fee.
    We have bought many commercial functions to Joomla Websites we can install and use. You can have slideshows, send newsletters, integrate social media, integrate blogs and much more.
    We know that today 25-30% of all visitors access your website from their mobile phones. We can also make mobile layout for your website so it’s easy to navigate on a mobile phone
    Use us. That is why we are here!

On the link below, you can see some examples of websites we have made so far; to get some inspiration.

See examples of websites hosting on our webservers

Technologies We Use

  • php
  • jquery
  • git
  • html5
  • js
  • sql
  • python
  • java
  • node
  • post

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